KaVontae Turpin Dallas Bold shirt

Dewy-faced muses KaVontae Turpin Dallas Bold shirt . led the way on Instagram this week, proving they’re ready to battle the summer heat. Model and art curator duo Gabrielle Richardson and Anajah Hamilton blessed followers with a glowy selfie: Anajah’s baby hairs were elegantly laid, while Gabrielle rocked mini box braids. Similarly, model Paloma Elsesser … Read more

Kane Worm Poltergeist T-Shirt

If you vote Democratic these days Kane Worm Poltergeist T-Shirt . You are voting for One World Government, socialism/communism, no borders, and the complete forsaking of American citizens, values, and rights to be considered above the rights of those that break into our country. Soros and others are encouraging them to come as just another … Read more

Jiu Jitsu And Coffee shirt

Do you remember the guys Jiu Jitsu And Coffee shirt . from Rook Last year they created an entire clothing collection based on The Adventure cartoons. This time, they managed to bring to life trends that are a perfect match for this season. This spring season , black colors are in vogue . Come to … Read more

It’s possible but unlikely . The breed is pretty rare, so you don’t generally see random mixes of them. Also, the nose, eyes, and hair look a lot more like an actual terrier than a TT. Your dog /does/ seem to have the leg length though. Either way, I’m sure your pup is a sweetie pie! … Read more